Floor Plan in Babylon (Theoretical)


In some 3D editors there is a so-called floor plan. A character can only walk within this floor plan.

Does babylon have it? If so, are there any examples?

Do you mean pathfinding? Crowd Navigation System | Babylon.js Documentation

Here is an example: Babylon.js Playground


Thanks for the answer!

Crowd System
Yes, this is similar to what I mean and moreover, as a bonus, the mesh itself looks for the correct path for itself. It is very cool!

Mozilla Hubs Floor Plan
But, speaking about the floor plan, I mean a very specific thing. In the Mozilla Hubs editor, you can add a floor plan to the scene.
Given your answer, my question is this. Is it possible to somehow get this floor plan from the imported scene and convert it to this Crowd Navigation System?

Here is a link to the source from their site Physics and Navigation ยท Hubs by Mozilla

There are some cool examples of pathfinding/crowds/etc here Yuka Game AI Library with Babylon.js - Demos and projects - Babylon.js (babylonjs.com) :smiley:

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