Create a floorplanner were you can create a particular place in 2D using pixijs and convert it into 3D using babylonjs. Is there any possible ways to acheive it

Hey, I am messing around with this concept for around 1month to convert a pixijs scene rendered 2d to a Babylonjs 3d scene. My goal was to create a floorplanner exactly how this website Floorplanner - Example House does its job of converting 2d to 3d. Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community :slight_smile:

There have been quite a few discussions about floor planners and house design here on the forum, you can use the search function to look for them, and there is also this tutorial on the site: Developing Build a House from Plans | Babylon.js Documentation (

Thank you so much for the reply. Let me checkout the home planner from babylon.js.