From babylon.js to power apps

HI everyone,

How can I use a babylon.js scene in powerapps?

Has anyone tried it?


cc @bghgary who might be familiar with PowerApps.

Hmm, this would be an interesting question for @ryantrem who works in PowerApps.

Both Babylon.js and Babylon Native are actually heavily used in PowerApps already.

Pure Babylon.js is used for the 3D Viewer control that ships with PowerApps: Use the 3D object control in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn. You can create your own PCF control that uses Babylon.js, and technically you can even bundle the PCF control without Babylon.js since PowerApps already has it (we don’t document this anywhere, but with the right configuration it should be possible).

Probably outside the scope of what you are asking, but we also use Babylon Native for PowerApps Mixed Reality features and the new Barcode Reader control.