Galactic Bridges and Tails

Hi everyone again,

I would like to share with you this (very) little and simplified galaxies collision and interaction simulation code.

The galaxy model is based on the work of Alar and Juri Toomre, more specifically on the article “GALACTIC BRIDGES AND TAILS”, Toomre & Toomre, 1972.

This is a piece of code that I’ve written many times in different languages, with different levels of complexity, but this time I wanted to try using the babylon.js glow effect and it’s… spectacular. I think there is a certain beauty in the generated patterns and the glow effect is the icing on the cake

Some features

  • Random generation of position, speed, orientation and spin
  • Camera rotation and zoom respect to the mass center
  • Simulation speed control
  • Collision/Orbit control
  • Auto reset option

This is really pretty !!! GG !!!

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I say ‘YES’ :heart_eyes: Simply changing the sphere size and numbers per galaxy and then, with all the other parameters, there are just infinite possibilities.
Would be a real nice base for a screen saver or a site BG.
Beautiful and mesmerizing :dizzy_face: :star_struck: Could spend hours looking at it.

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OMG this is incredibly GORGEOUS I agree I could spend hours and hours just looking :face_with_spiral_eyes: It seems like instead of putting screen savers on computer monitors, nowadays people put them on smart TVs, and this would fit perfectly too :rofl: It would also be cool in a space themed game, like a space racer or shooter :star_struck:

EDIT: oh almost forgot but @PirateJC you HAVE to see this!

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