Procedural galaxy and streaming

Dear community,

Something I put online a few weeks back… and I have just come around migrating some C code to Rust. The main link:

What’s it got to do with BabylonJS? Well this part: Ad Lumens - 3D explorer

Now it’s not advanced or anything (especially around the shader part – or rather lack thereof!), even a bit noobish when compared to some projects showcased here, but I have spent so much time on procederal server-side generation that… heh :slight_smile:

I plan on trying to take this thing as far as I can. I also try to write some stuff…

Anyway hopefully you enjoy it and I do of course welcome feedback.

All the best :slight_smile:


Cool project!

Maybe you could join @CrashMaster and his project Cosmos Journeyer :wink:

You two are clearly in love with procedural things and the Universe itself :space_invader: :star: :ringer_planet:


I love it! :star_struck:

Do you have a github repo somewhere by any chance? I wonder how you render the galaxy background when exploring the star map, that’s something I am trying to do as well but I am not sure how to handle it :slight_smile:

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Hey thank you very much for the kind comments. I am not 5% there, to be honest, but progress is made everyday (I hope so at least!).

There is a repo, but not public, However, the galaxy background is not rocket science: you can have a look at this PG:

It’s pretty much the code “as is”, save for the density map data, which is generated dynamically server-side.

there’s some stuff here as well, if you are curious: Ad Lumens - On galactic structure



Black screen only :frowning:

damn, have you tried moving the mouse around? This uses a FlyCamera

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Yep, I’ve noticed it and tried every input I could :smiley:

When I set the pointSize to 2 I can see the PCS:

I guess it’s because of the retina display.

const baseSize = 1 // or whatever
pointSize: baseSize * window.devicePixelRatio should fix it.


nice :slight_smile:

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That was a really interesting read! I will probably take some ideas when I get around to rework the star map in Cosmos Journeyer (if that’s okay of course).

Also do you plan on releasing some kind of API for your server side generation? It is very impressive!

Thanks!: is it you from Belgium or around? :slight_smile:
API… err not at the moment… I’m busy enough consuming it internally :grin: But maybe one day… plus it’s ab-so-lu-te-ly not finished, and still very much “en chantier”.

I am from France! Baguette tout ça tout ça :joy:

That makes a lot of sense! Keep us updated on your project anyway, fellow space explorer :wink:

Ah ben dis donc ! :slight_smile: Francais aussi, mais vivant a Londres … :slight_smile:

And yes I will endeavour to update this thing. Busy client these days, so unable to spend as much time as I’d like on ad lumens :slight_smile:

Je suis en Belgique pour un stage ^^

It’s like clients never want to pays us to develop these nice things haha I wish I had more time as well :slight_smile:

Are you from Belgium?

My son studied at Howest University of Applied Sciences (Cyber Security Professional) in Bruges. Unfortunatelly I didn’t have the oportunity to visit Bruges but I saw this movie:

Wonderful city :wink:
Cool movie! :smiley:

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No I am from Paris (personne n’est parfait… -_-)

@CrashMaster is currently in Belgium, though :slight_smile:

and yes, great film. Brings back memories.

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I went to Bruges the other day, it’s a really beautiful city :heart:

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I had communication issues and fun with the Frenchmen here :smiley:

Read the posts below this one LOL


The message is already edited so you need see the original message to understand what happened:


I’ve only been to Paris once. The first day we went to visit a place (I can’t recall its name nor the famous American actor who raced up there, it was uphill and there was a church or something). We got off the subway and found ourselves in a middle of a fight between like 50 black bros and the police. Throwing rocks and the police replied with smoke grenades. My wife and me in the middle on the street. F*ck me dead! :joy::joy::joy: What a warm welcome to the city :joy:


But the city paid its debts the next day. There was only 5 minutes waiting time at Eiffel Tower and Disneyland was totally empty, the weather was very good, so we enjoyed our stay a lot!

just pushed a few minor changes:
. stars are now smaller (Question of taste, but I prefer them this way – make the universe feel bigger)
. LOD range is now 3/7
. some extra eye candy (hopefully not too expensive in terms of perfs) as galactic background/shape