Game System Variables

Hi Guys, I’m trying to get my legs planted firmly on the ground with game development. So, please pardon the noob question. I am looking to have some system variables for my application that would of all different variable types, and have that always accessible during run time. What is the best practice of doing this? Should I simply create a class and put all of my variables inside it? Use a database? or something else? Eventually, they will have a gui where the users can adjust to their preference. However, since I’m just starting development, its without a UI. Please advise.

Thank you

This is a bit of a broad question and totally depends on your requirements ::slight_smile: like should it support notifications, history and so on.

The only advice I could provide is to keep it the most stupid you can as long as the requirements do not force a complex system cause you could go from a simple module with export const to redux and other store :slight_smile:

different variable types

TypeScript is your friend! You can create interfaces and types. Classes or modules (a js file) can be used, there’s no right or wrong way really.

Thanks Guys