Get correctly faceID by clicking mesh with clipped plane (Clipped Plane)

Hello everyone!

In this example, I’m trying to get the correct faceId by clicking inside the mesh using the clipped plane.

In this screenshot, I click inside the cube, and I get the wrong faceId.

This screenshot shows the faceId that I would like to get.

How can I do it?

This is not supported at the moment :frowning: clip planes are only a rendering feature.

I wonder if in this case you could not ray cast from the opposite direction ?

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I have a large building mesh. With clipped plane I cut it in half. I need to select one of the faces inside the building with a click.

the workaround would be to raycast to the clip plane first and set the clip plane intersection point as the start of the ray ???

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Yes, this approach works. Thank you!

Here’s the updated playground if anyone needs it

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