Get direction between from one world position to another

Hi, I’m trying to get the direction from an origin point in the world to another world position (Vector3).
I guess this should not be hard but I could only find posts on how to rotate a mesh or angles between meshes.

I need to fire a ray from one point in the world to another point in the world.

How can I achieve this without adding rotations etc.?

Hi @Censor

To get a directional vector3, we subtract the current position from the target position.

let direction = toPosition.subtract( fromPosition );

Now, “fromPosition” + “direction” === “toPosition”

We normalize the direction vector3, so it has 1 unit length.

let direction = toPosition.subtract( fromPosition ).normalize();

there you have it :slight_smile:


I now see I was substracting the wrong values in my code, but this works!