Get Started React Babylon + TS

Using the guide here and using the linked typescript for SceneComponent.tsx I assume I need implementations for scene.tsx and engine.tsx but I don’t know what they should look like. Does anyone have a boilerplate or can advise?

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Maybe @brianzinn can help with this one?

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hi @slacker
I should remove that TypeScript link from the guide! What happened was that all of the code was originally a single file, but was split to be better organized in Oct 2020. You can copy the 3 files into your project from here:
babylonjs-hook/src at master · brianzinn/babylonjs-hook (

If you are doing that may be easier to use node package…

Thanks both. I used the npm package and am up and running.

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Here my style. I split Babylon code to class.
Advantage for use class is You can inherit and modify some method to show in different place.