Get world coordinate question

I use all transforms in blender,so child meshes location all be set to 0,
how can i obtain the coordinate of the child mesh relateive to the root node (inspector shows 0).
or, get the coordinate of the child mesh relateive to world

in a scene, i want to set particleSystem.emitter base on child mesh position,

I believe (if I understood your question correctly) that you may do it with somemesh.absolutePosition

ok, i need try it

for this pg

const emissive1 = scene.getMeshByName('light-008') // child mesh, the butt of the blimp

What’s the problem in your PG?

The right answer is (0,0,0) indeed, as the local position of the “light-008” mesh is (0,0,0) and the position of its parent (__root__) is also (0,0,0).

This is the expected behavior, if you apply a transform, then the original origin position of the mesh will be lost.
You can put an empty node at the position where you want the particle to be emitted to mark it.
Or just don’t apply the transform in blender.

But then again, you could use the center of the boundingBox as a so-called “world positon”, but I don’t think that’s the best way to do it.

Here’s an example

In blender I used to apply all transform,
a better way do it ,should I keep the location information in blender
or any other method I don’t know about

更好的方法就是使用空物体标记位置, 同时不要对空物体应用变换.

用纯轴啥的还能比较清楚的看到标记的朝向. 不要问我为啥中文回答还附上翻译, 论坛要求 ( ̄ ‘i  ̄;)

A better way is to use empty objects to mark the position, without applying transformations to the empty objects.

You can also see the orientation of the markers more clearly with pure axes or something.

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