Getting runtime shader compilation error using with NextJS `next build`

I’m currently using Babylonjs with my NextJS application to load and display a RPM model to the scene, which works perfectly fine when I’m running with next dev.

However, after I built this using with next build and serve it. I got some runtime shader error like this:

Anyone knows how to debug this type of error?

Welcome aboard!

We don’t see the real error in your log: it will appear a bit later in the log.

Do you have a live link where we could see the full error log?


Thank you for your quick reply!! I just extracted the model viewer scene to another repo with the same setting and I don’t know why it works without any error :man_facepalming:

Here’s the link for the repo with works perfectly:

Now I have to try adding things back to this small repo one by one and see which part of it causing the issue above!! I will paste it here once I figured out the issue.

Thank you for your help :pray: