Gizmo positioning

I have PG here , just wondering how to place gizmos (scale and position) on center of attached mesh? Plus how to get polygon points once mesh is updated?


The gizmo is placed at the local position (0,0,0) of the mesh. The mesh’s position can be anywhere in the world, like in your PG. You can translate the mesh position so the center of its bounding becomes (0,0,0)

For infos on baking transform : Baking Transformations | Babylon.js Documentation

For querying and updating position and other mesh attributes, check this documentation page:
Updating Vertices | Babylon.js Documentation

Thanks for a reply but i find it that gizmo is placed in world position of (0,0,0) no matter where mesh is. If this makes any sense.

It depends on the contour points you provide.

in this PG, the points are on the right because X are 1…2

gizmo position | Babylon.js Playground

If I center the contour points around 0, the mesh is centered on its pivot:

gizmo position | Babylon.js Playground

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thanks, now i understand that local space isn’t defined by bounding box and 0,0,0 isn’t in center of object :slight_smile: :slight_smile: