GizmoBoundingBox - Is it possible to have a scaleBox/drag point on edges like SketchUp?

Hi everyone,

Like the title say, is it possible to have a drag point (scaleBox) on edges of the BoundingBox gizmo like SketchUp ?
Currently we can have scaleBoxes to the corners and it makes a scale on the 3 axes at the same time, I want to make a scale on 2 axes and not 3.


Here a PG of a pre work that i’ve done :

Adding @Cedric the mastermind behind Gizmos

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If I understand correctly, it would replace the rotation spheres on the edges with a 2D-like scale.
I see no objection to that. It needs a new optional property that is set at construction time to set that behavior (disabled by default to preserve the backward compatibility).
I’ll be happy to review your pull request :slight_smile:

This is the approach I use:

oops! look now,

Use another ‘shadow’ mesh and have the onDrag callbacks on the main mesh ‘chase’ the scaling on the ‘shadow’.

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Thanks for your answer, it looks very cool.

Does someone have an idea to make the corners scaleBoxes not proprotional ? i mean that by draging a corner scaleBox i can scale on the x axe more than the y axe.


@Cedric any ideas?

I can’t think of any way other than building control from scratch using pointer drag behaviors. Something like this:

You still need to add the other axes and move target so opposite edge is stationary.

Hope that’s helpful!


2 possibilities:

  • start a new control from scratch
  • add properties/flags to BoundingBoxGizmo to support this new behavior.

I’m in favor of #2 because of the work and copy/paste #1 needs (snapping, rotation on/off,…). where as, just adding a flag seems easy. Same for documentation, just 1 flag to explain Vs adding a whole new page.

It looks like the proportional computation is here :

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Tried that out. Works great. I think the flag needs to be in the constructor because getting the scale boxes all synced up after the gizmo has been constructed looks like a big butt-pain. I can share a branch or the file if that would be helpful.

I also added a flag that allow you to have parent meshes with non-uniform scaling at your own peril.

The modified file is attached. (6.4 KB)