Gliding camera drift

I’m making a game with BabylonJS and have recently added the Pointer Lock. This wouldn’t matter except for the fact that it makes the camera drift very visible. When I say drift, I mean not the idle drift that just happens, but the drift that happens once a user has finished moving the mouse to change the camera position. the camera keeps moving, about an inch or two, and then stops. How can I stop this? is there a way to change the camera mode to rough input instead of the glossy sliding thing it’s doing currently? I want the camera to freeze the second the user stops moving the mouse, and not start again until the user begins moving the mouse again.

You can set inertia to 0 on the camera to prevent it to be active.

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Great, thanks that worked. Is there a way to change the camera sensitivity? It’s very slow at the moment

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If you are talking about device orientation sensitivity on mobile devices, you can set the sensitivity of the camera to movement and rotation with camera.angularSensibility and camera.moveSensibility. More details on Device Orientation Camera

Tried this, but the camera still moves very slowly even when the sensitivity is set to 99999999.

What type of camera are you using ? There are plenty of sensitive setup for wheel pinch zoom and so on so knowing which one would help

I’m using the standard Universal camera. Thx.

For the movement sensibility, the Universal Camera has a “Speed” property.
Here is a sample playground where “camera.speed = 10” makes the movement very fast when pressing the arrow keys. Changing the value to “camera.speed = 0.1” would make the movement very slow.