GUI equivalent of TransformNode for grouping

Hi there,
How do I group GUI elements? Can’t see a node for that. TransformNode when set as a parent of a gui element throws the following:
error TS2740: Type ‘TransformNode’ is missing the following properties from type ‘Container’…

Thanks in advance

Depending on how and why you want to group them you could use the stackpanel or grid

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You can use a BABYLON.GUI.Container()
It will work simular to a transformNode, children are offset by it’s transformation, inherits visibility setting, etc


Thanks, I wanted only hierarchical grouping for easier data management.

Thanks, that should do the trick

@aWeirdo I have 1 extra question: the whole point of my question was to create a collection that stores only the parent, and via scene graph I would be able to access children. So my question here is: is container with added control a real parent I can query for children?

Do these help Container - Babylon.js Documentation, Container - Babylon.js Documentation ?

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hell yeah, sorry for trouble