Gui framework based on BABYLON.GUI?

BABYLON.GUI is low level, do we have something like react based on it?

I’m not aware of any declarative way to build GUI with a supported babylonjs framework. There is a react renderer, since you asked specifically about react. I’m linking to my own project storyboard here - click on the boxes and a babylon.GUI is generated and displayed:

You can see the source code here:

If you’re not looking to use React and you want to build your own declarative loader (like JSON) let me know and I can walk through some of the gotchas. Main thing is to get the order right for adding controls, especially in 3D GUI where there is a manager. Also, declaratively adding keyboard, transformNode, shadows, etc. had a few tricks. Cheers.

Perhaps the XML loader might help? Use the Xml Loader - Babylon.js Documentation . It simply allows to separate the layouts from business logic + some bindings so nothing fancy, but maybe it fits for your needs.