GUI Mouse Click & Screen Size

I’ve noticed some odd behavior in the BabylonJS GUI that seems dependent upon the browser size.
E.g., when I resize the browser, I no longer receive mouse pointer events in the proper location.
This problem disappears when I refresh the browser (via F5, etc).

I’ve noticed another similar problem (though possibly unrelated) where I’ve implemented a RadioButton control on an AdvancedDynamicTexture. For some reason, when the browser is in full screen mode the radio buttons only register the click event when they are clicked in a very small, specific portion of the button. If I resize the screen (either by resizing the browser directly, or even opening the dev tools with ctrl-shift-i, this problem goes away. Any idea why either of these are happening?

Hello! Would you be able to provide us with a Playground example so we can check this further? Also ccing @DarraghBurke :slight_smile:

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Hey Carol, thanks for the response and sorry for not getting back sooner.

I spent some time tracking down # 2 above, and could not resolve it. I learned enough new info about it that I just posted it as a new, dedicated topic here: GUI Anomaly with HORIZONTAL_ALIGNMENT_RIGHT .

See you there!