GUI TextBlock with different font family


Is it possible with Babylon.js GUI to display a text that contains diffrent font family or a text encoded in HTML or a RichText ?

I use GUI TextBlock but it accept only one font family for all the text.


Before use font you need download this font and after loading is finish you can use this font

Thanks but I’am not sure to understand.

In your exemple I can use differents fonts in the text of a same blockText ?

To have a word of the text in bold for instance.

Sorry im not understand your question. I think there no way for use different fonts or font styles in one text block. CSS vs BabylonJS GUI questions: line height, letter spacing, inline text styles, units, calc(), and gradients - Questions - Babylon.js
you can use simple canvas as texture and draw what you need

Thank, I will try a Canvas texture.
Do you now if a canvas texture is compliant with VR ?

Hi. Maybe you can try something like with hidden html block. Its easest way than raw canvas. And I don’t see problem with AR/VR canvas its simple image and you can use this image as texture