Handling game logic with TypeScript

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen this question pop up a few times on the forums so I’d figure I’d take a shot at giving some examples of my experiences handling game logic with BabylonJS and TypeScript.

Because Babylon is so unopinionated you’re pretty well left to your own devices when it comes to deciding how to structure your game logic. Not that this is a bad thing but it did lead me to trying out a few different systems to see what I liked.

So here they are: a simplified, completely subjective look at different architectures. I hope they help:


Thanks for that!!

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Great, thanks @DisownedWheat!

Hey I noticed in your github profile that you’re based in Northern Rivers, Australia. I’m relatively close by in Brisbane and also interested in Svelte/Sapper, TypeScript and Babylon.js obviously :slight_smile:

I hope it comes across as the positive attribute it is :grinning:

Hey @inteja, that’s super cool! How’s the industry in Brisbane? I’ve been considering moving there for a while.