Help! error occured with:module "babylonjs.js" is not defined

I used babylon,js in my Wechat Game. Simple sample with simple babylon.js is ok! when i used lib downloaded in complex sample. it is ok in browser, only in wechat environment it is wrong! pls help me!

share and screenshot from what you do

this is my code.
just import babylon

this is error in wechat environment!

Did you check this?

I don’t know WeChat environment but there must be a config issue for sure. How do you bundle? Using webpack?

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Looks like it is using amd and without config will go for loading file moduleName + js, you can either rename babylon.js to babylonjs.js or use a special config:

paths: {
‘babylonjs’: ‘./js/libs/babylon’

and require(‘babylonjs’)

I guess :slight_smile: