Help with vector

Hi. I am facing the following problem. I have created a cylinder (arrowBody) and a cone (arrowHead). I want to combine them (to an arrow with body and head) so with a slider when the value (of slider) is positive the arrow look up with height relative to slider value and when value negative look down. Can someone help me?

Here is a simplified version handling just the sizing

Check the console for errors in your PG, ie cone and material do not exist. You will need to 'if (value > 0) etc to change the material of something.

I want the resize to from the center of arrowbody and the aroow head not resizing and staying in edge of arrowbody… like

Much more complicated to leave arrow head same size. Do you always want the pivot to be at the arrow tip?

Yes if it is posible

If it is not everything close to it

Should be possible but am doubtful I will have time today to have a go. I think it will go something like make a transformNode T, parent body and head to T. On slider value scaling body, position head based on length of body, rotate T by pi if value < 0 position T so that tip is in correct place.

Thank you for your time

No problem. Hope this is helpful

My "pivots" are now parents not pivots

Excellent!!! Thank you again!!!