Hiring a developer for an interactive website

I’m looking to hire a developer to help build a small virtual world that serves as a companion site for an album of music. The idea is for the site to almost feel like a video game that’s only cut-scenes, so no need for any crazy movement physics or character rigging. The main things are just building the world, being able to put in html elements into that world like a video, and being able to have a few interactive elements that will send information back to the serer.
If you have experience building worlds in Babylon, are experienced in designing 3D models, or are just experienced enough that you can at least help point me in the right direction, I can pay you for your time.
And I would be working with you the whole time so you wouldn’t be alone – I’m a programmer and a very amateur 3D modeller so I’m looking for people to help take on some of the work that I’ll end up doing by myself if I can’t find anyone.