How can i boost my fps

I know that i have high number of meshes as seen on the “Total meshes” count, but i’m not sure the relationships the total mesh and active mesh have on the FPS. I’m trying to optimize my scene using custom culling, but idk if only hiding the mesh will increase fps because when i hide the mesh the active mesh decreases, but my fps doesn’t change much. Even with only 4 active meshes out of the 996 total meshes, I still get low fps and the change is not dramatic with a low active mesh count. I was thinking that if i have lower active mesh i would have better fps but it seems like i have to dispose the mesh so my total mesh decreases instead of hiding and unhiding meshes. Can someone explain why active mesh are a thing if it doesn’t effect the FPS much? I just need to know what to dispose of or hide to increase the fps as much as possible. Because simply hiding the mesh isn’t doing much.

There are 94 materials, what is the texture size?

2 textures that i used that are 2048 by 2048

i also tried it without the textures and i’ve seen an increase in the fps by 50

Maybe using setEnabled(false) instead of isVisible = false.
Meshes with isVisible are still rendered but not visible. That with setEnabled() they are no longer rendered.