How can I download a Scene with multiple different camera position in one go/click

Hello team,
I have loaded a mesh with a particular camera position and have given the facility to the user to rotate the mesh and save the required position of the mesh.
In this way, the user can save multiple camera positions of a single mesh and can view just by clicking on the radio buttons of saved camera position.

Now the requirement is the user wants to download the mesh with all saved angles of mesh on one click.
is it possible to loop over the saved position of the camera and render the seen in the loop and download one by one with different given camera positions?

Thanks in advance.


Yes sure, you can serialize and restore the entire camera with the full parameters or just the parameters you need to restore the positions. For example, if you have an ArcRotateCamera, you just need to save the alpha, beta and radius parameters. Here’s an example using the serialize and parse methods: Cloning cameras example | Babylon.js Playground (


Hello @carolhmj,
Thanks for reply.
I found solution here, my question was very similar to this Generate several screenshot from scene and save it on cloud
and solution is

//camera position values (x,y,z), in form on object
const val = JSON.parse($(v).val());
const download_name = val.title;
const percision = $(‘#precision-input’).val();
}, 10000);

@sesseb Thank you so much for help