How can I use bounding box gizmo with the orthographic camera?

Hi there.

I am trying to drag the objects using Boundingbox gizmo in an orthographic camera. However, it is not working.

The PG is here:

Could someone find a solution for this?

BoundingBoxGizmo doesn’t drag, you need positionGizmo Orthographic camera with bounding box | Babylon.js Playground (

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In my project, I had to deactivate the positionGizmo because the user needs to drag the object freely in all directions. Isn’t there a way to use the bounding box with this camera? Maybe just turning off some camera inputs while dragging the object
I tried using this but it didn’t work

gizmoManager.onAttachedToMeshObservable.add(() => {
    gizmoManager.boundingBoxDragBehavior.onDragEndObservable.add(() => { camera.inputs.add(camera.inputs.attached.mouse); });
    gizmoManager.boundingBoxDragBehavior.onDragStartObservable.add(() => { camera.inputs.remove(camera.inputs.attached.mouse); });

I found a way to drag the mesh freely

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