How detect the wall in AR

How detect the wall in AR, i am able to detect the floor with

xrHitTestModule.onHitTestResultObservable.add((results) => { })

How to detect the wall or celling in onHitTestResultObservable, i am always receiving floor.

xrHelper.baseExperience.enterXRAsync(“immersive-ar”, “unbounded”, xrHelper.renderTarget);

i am using babylonjs 4.2

Hit test will provide you with the nearest hit point, whether it is a wall or the floor. If it still detects the floor, then the underlying system did not detect the wall (yet). Make sure the wall is well textured (white wall won’t work at all).

xrHitTestModule.onHitTestResultObservable.add always return results empty array when i point to wall,

i am pointing to textured walll not white wall.

i am using below statement for creating XR session. is there some thing i have pass to ge

xrSession = await xrHelper.baseExperience.enterXRAsync(“immersive-ar”, “unbounded”, xrHelper.renderTarget);

no, just make sure you are moving your cursor around the wall. If you use the default XR hit-test demo from our webiste, the doughnut should also be rotated and placed on the wall. if it doesn’t, it means the system couldn’t detect the wall.

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