How do I check if a box is in a specific coordinate?

Like is there a way or function to check a specific coordinate if it has a mesh?

This may help - Check When a Point is Inside a Mesh | Babylon.js Documentation

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@labris Sorry I didnt mean any specific mesh
I meant to check if any mesh is in that position
This is what I reached so far but idk how to make it so it checks for any mesh:

function checkForMesh(position) {
  let found = false
  const point = BABYLON.Vector3(position.x, position.y, position.z)
  const sphere = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateSphere(`meshCheck_${position.x}${position.y}${position.z}`, { segments: 1, diameter: 0.1, }, scene);

  // code here to check if the point is inside any mesh, if found a mesh in that position set 'found' to true
  return found;

I think you want to use?

found = sphere.intersectsPoint(point) // or loop through all scene.meshes?

Docs of intersectsPoint:


Earlier I was trying to make a sphere, put it in that position, and loop through all meshes and see if it intersects any mesh, but for some reason that wasnt working

This one worked tho, again thanks