How do I make a plane mesh parallel with another mesh that the mouse pointer is over


When the mouse pointer hovers a mesh I would like to add a disc/plane mesh to the mouse pointer location that is parallel to the mesh the mouse pointer is over.

Similar to how Matterport mouse tracking works.


Something like these?

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Those examples are exactly what I want but when I call pickInfo.getNormal(true) it returns null which is causing the decal to not show with my Mesh.

Am I supposed to do anything else to make the meshes normals data available?

The mesh i’m using has submeshes which might be the issue.

That shouldn’t be needed: multimat mergeMesh | Babylon.js Playground ( Can you share a Playground repro?

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Hello @jsuhncc just checking in if you still have issues and can provide a repro if so


Yes I managed to get it sorted. Thanks for your help.

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Had the same issue, easy fix here: