How do you swap this 'unicode character' in the scene for a mesh?

Hi there, first I need to thank everyone here in the Babylon.js community for all the help given to me recently.

I am new to programming, so this is all a bit of a mystery to me.

Anyway, I have a question. This playground is of interest to me. It would be useful if the small weather icon could be swapped over to a mesh, for now this is the model I had in mind
Is this possible?

You can try to use the default utility layer scene to have your mesh drawn after the GUI (if you put the mesh in the regular scene it will be drawn before the GUI):

It does work as long as you don’t rotate (only translates). If you rotate or zoom with the wheel, the mesh will zoom in/zoom out accordingly, making it go away from its background… That would not be easy to fix, as the mesh is in 3D space whereas the disk background is essentially in 2D space.

Thanks Evgeni_Popov…this works well for me. :smile: