How to achieve hovering above ground?

Hello, I would like to implement hovering of objects above ground. The goal is to stabilize the y position of the object above the ground, if the object dropped from a height. In my demo I apply force to the object if a certain minimal distance to the ground is detected. Has anyone has an idea how to calculate the correct amount of force to apply? I think I need to consider the gravity, mass of the object and maybe also the current velocity. Thank you very much. Here is my demo so far:

You could try playing with linearDamping and angularDamping.

Or maybe look at some examples of how raycast vehicles are implemented. Specifically suspension.


thank you for the hints!

Excellent! I’ve been looking for the correct hover calculation a long time @Raggar for controlling the drones/helicopters/ufo’s in my game :slight_smile:


The 3 drones in the image now each hover at a different altitude from the ground. (Before this fix they just fell down from the sky and scattered into a thousand pieces on the ground…) Thanks!


Sounds awesome! Do you mind to share some relevant code snippets? Thank you very much @QuintusHegie

Hi @mklan sure.

Just see lines 74 until 87 in the playground listed above by @Raggar . That’s what I copied into my game. Change the fixed value 2 (in those code lines) to the hovering altitude of your choice.

(More advanced option would be to have a raycast down from you hovering object, so that the object hovers at fixed distance above the ground, even when the ground is not flat but has slopes hills mountains etc.)


Oh man I am blind :). Thank you again @Raggar and @QuintusHegie!

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