How to animate the camera rotation on the mesh

How to animate the camera rotation on the mesh, I tried to animate the target property, but it turned out to be a sharp transition, although the animation lasts 10 seconds.
Help me please.

How smooth and slow do you want it? I wouldn’t say this animation is ‘sharp’ (except for the start of the animation of course). You can ease the camera and even use bezier curves for the easing. Though I’m not sure how much smoother you can make it. This looks already pretty smooth to me.

I want the animation to take a given time, 10 seconds for example
But now the animation is running for 2 seconds

here the animation of the position occurs correctly, within 10 seconds: is not recomputed when you modify camera.rotation, so I think you should stick with target only:


Yes, now I understand what’s going on, thanks!