How to change bounding box to bounding sphere, using ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger?

I use onIntersectionEnterTrigger and onIntersectionExitTrigger to detect intersections in my project. As far as I understand for each mesh BabylonJS draws precise bounding box and both triggers use it. Everything went well untill I ran into round objects. So my first question is is it possible to change bounding box to bounding sphere and how to do it? and the second is does BabylonJS also draw bounding sphere for each mesh or I need to draw it by hand?

I am not sure if it can be changed to sphere, but you can check for sphere intersection manually:

let boundingSphere1 = sphere1.getBoundingInfo().boundingSphere

let boundingSphere2  = sphere2.getBoundingInfo().boundingSphere

let intersects = BABYLON.BoundingSphere.Intersects(boundingSphere1, boundingSphere2)