How to change to pivot point of billboardMode

I have a plane I am using for a label and I’d like that label to always face the camera because the label has a line connecting it to the model it looks a little odd when you look down on the plane.

A way to fix this would be to set the pivot point of the plane to the centre bottom of the mesh. I’ve attached an image of the problem and a crude drawing of how I can think to solve it.

rotate pivot

Here is a playground of the issue.

Of course if you can think of a better way to solve this please include that too.

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Unfortunately this would not work with our Billboard mode as it also requires moving the plane.

@JohnK the king of Maths might have an idea ?

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Parenting the plane to disc2, settings its y position to half its height, and baking the position in works well I think.


@Blake you are winning the forum today !!! :slight_smile:

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That works amazingly, thank you so much!