How to combine multiple textures in to one texture slot (PBR)


I’m wondering how should I figure this out.

I need to have multiple texture maps combined together and injected to PBR Material’s texture slot.

For example. I need to create brushed stainless steel shader. In this case, we have two different maps from two different projection types. Brushed_normal.jpg which follows the planar mapping, to add details for models we use Object_details_normal.jpg which follows Unwrapped UV layout. Now we need to combine these two maps together and inject them to PBR normal map texture slot. I could not find a straight answer to this question.

Heres example images found online.
Normal map 1
Normal map 2

Heres end result. (had to post as comment, new users can only add two links to post.)
Wanted Result


Can you do it offline or must it be done live?

If live, then you can use an img tag to load both of them and then merge them using a HTML canvas

@Territorial Just out of curiosity… are you looking for a way to use a secondary / detail normal with different scaling than your main normal?
I asked that question a few days ago and am still hoping for some people to be interested in that feature, too :slight_smile:

@GreyWorks Hi, This is exatly what im looking for. I think detail normal maps(combined textures) are kind of basic stuff from unity and unreal, this is effective way to reduce size of loaded content. Tough i’m not sure how effective this procedure is on performance perspective.

@Deltakosh In our case this should be done on live.