How to create sparks effect

Any ideas how to create like a sparks effect?

This is my attempt to do it: Babylon.js Playground

It is really really simple. I think what it lacks is the trail effect, gravity(optional) and maybe some glow effect with a glow layer.

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This is awesome! You could try adding some color randomization, and I do think a glow layer would help. Keep up the good work!

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Here is a quick pg with some random colors for the whole system:

I think random color variation for individual particles could be really cool, though that might not be implemented in the engine yet.


Also there’s a tutorial here on particle systems that has a trail effect and then an explosion that could help. :slight_smile: There’s another nice one with a fireball trailer too but I forgot to bookmark it, maybe I can find it again…

Edit: here it is, there’s several particle systems, the one for the fireballs has nice trailing and gravity effects IMO. It’s created with the particle helper, but you can find/save the settings for that particle system in the Inspector after pressing spacebar to start the explosion :slight_smile:


Nice! It looks great.

This is what I came up with:

I still think it lacks glow and trails so it can feel more realistic.

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A quick search by “glow particle” on the forum leads to this great topic :slight_smile: Glowing particles - Tutorials and tips - Babylon.js (


these are really nice looking

here is a video and playground for using the nme to create particles.

Besides the NME video and example, there is also a 3 part series on the babylon youtube channel for the particle editor.

here are some reference images of sparks. your pg kind of reminded me of industrial style sparks, so that was kinda what i was going for.

google search “weld”

google search “metal saw sparks”