How to export components I need,but discard the ones i don't need?

I use Babylon to develop game of html5.But I found that the file of Babylon.js have big size arriving at 2.4M.And how can I remove the components I don’t need.some monthes ago,in the homepage of Babylon,there was a function about letting you select the components you need,but now ,I can’t find it.
Can you tell me how can I do?

The best way would be to use the ES6 module system, which supports tree shaking.
You can find the info here:


Refering to the old webpage you’re talking about, it’s maybe this page you’re looking for: How to get Babylon.js - Babylon.js Documentation

But to reduce the 2.4MB size, you have to do the ES6 workflow suggested by RaananW.

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