How to give a name to an animation group

I want to give a name to an animation group, then play it by that name later. How would I do that?
Here is the repro:

Well I may be missing something but simply do = xxx

I am not trying to give a name to the animated model itself, but to certain frame animations that I manually create for that model.

well this is what my answer is about. group here defines the animationGroup

But how do I create certain animations in the same group and give them names?

Sorry but your question is a bit unclear:)

Animations group doc: Grouping Animations | Babylon.js Documentation

Also maybe you can simplify your PG and point us at the specific code where you want to do that?

OK here is the problem. I want to stop the animation loop when the user stops firing. So I end the animation when the user lifts the mouse button up. But that not only stops the fire animation but it will stop the reload animation too. Here is the playground for that:

click to shoot.
R to reload.