How to implement a grid that can change various configurations

I want to generate a grid that can change color, line thickness, and density as shown in the following figure. How can I use Babylon to achieve this?

You may use Grid material - Grid Material | Babylon.js Documentation

Other alternative - to use Node material like Babylon.js Node Material Editor


Thank you for your answer, but the grid material cannot change the width of the lines. Did I not find a relevant method?

Cool template :heart_eyes: That looks perfect to me. 90% of the job is already done :smiley:

What about the MeshLine created by Roland?

BabylonJS MeshLine - a port of THREE.MeshLine - Demos and projects - Babylon.js


… and if you need a trail animation for some reason:

animation test | Babylon.js Playground (

That’s great. That’s the answer I need. Thank you!