How to import a model into Mapbox by coordinate

Hi, I’m trying to understand how to integrate with Mapbox in these two examples, example one
and example two. The first example sets the positions after creating the meshes like these

 sphereMesh.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(

However I don’t understand how the coordinate is associated with the second example after loading the model into the scene

BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append("", "34M_17.gltf", this.scene);

The model is not referenced in any of the following code?



If not coordinate is provided then the model won’t be translated and displayed at (0,0,0) in the Babylon referentiel.

The most important part of the code to understand is line 68, it project the current babylon scene into the mapbox space just by setting the projection matrix of the camera.


Hello @Cui just checking in, was your question answered?