How to import gltf assets from OneDrive?

I’m planning on using OneDrive cloud as my CDN for the prototype I’m developing.
However, I’m not sure how one would use the provided links/embed source URL (from OneDrive) in Babylon mesh loaders or even better if possible, the AssetsManager.

The parameters for these always refer to a ‘source directory’ and a ‘file name’ but OneDrive links seem to be hashed ID’s, any suggestions on how to make it work?

I’m using GLTF files as 3D content.

Thanks in advance!

There is a way to do it as it is written in OneDrive docs - CORS support - OneDrive API - OneDrive dev center | Microsoft Docs

So, from my point of view, it is much simpler and convenient to use Dropbox or other more human-friendly cloud system.

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Hey there! Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll look into those!
I’ve also found this - the links seem to work ans direct-download, just don’t know how one would pass that into a meshTask for the AssetsManager or a gltf-loader… It seems babylon always expects a root folder and a file name with extension… any ideas?

The simplest and most reliable solution would be not to use OneDrive.
There is a lot of other CDNs which don’t need extra efforts to get file folder and file URL.

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Besides these common cloud platforms (GDrive, DropBox, etc), which other more ‘proper’ CDN services would you suggest?

I use DropBox when testing big GLTF files with no problems.
Still, GDrive, DropBox and similar platforms are cloud storages, actually they are not cloud CDNs.
For these you may have a look at list - Top 16 Content Delivery Network Providers in 2021 - Reviews, Features, Pricing, Comparison - PAT RESEARCH: B2B Reviews, Buying Guides & Best Practices

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Yeah, that’s why I asked. Thank you so much for all the tips, references and suggestions!

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