How to load a .jd format Json3D object?

We’re exporting from Max to the Json3D .jd file format, for which there is already a loader for ThreeJS.
But there appears to be no equivalent Babylon loader. B-(

Trying to get us off our current framework (uses ThreeJS directly) by building anew using Babylon.
Any advice how to load these JD files that we have?

We don’t have an official loader for this file type. But we have many other loaders that you might be able to use. Is there a way to export the models to a different format? gltf for example?

Otherwise, you can always implement a loader yourself. It does require knowing how the data is structured and converting it to a babylon-readable format

Alright, thank you for confirmation. I’ll take a look at writing my own loader I suppose.

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@brechindo this could be a amazing contribution to Babylon, do not hesitate if we can help along the way/

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