How to load local glb files into Babylon Native

here is the implementation i used

var modelUrls = ["../../8c425d/AstoCT_01.glb", "../../8c425d/AstoCT_02.glb", "../../8c425d/AstoCT_03.glb","../../8c425d/AstoCT_04.glb"];
function CreateSceneMeshes(scene) {
    modelUrls.forEach((e,i) => {
       BABYLON.SceneLoader.AppendAsync(modelUrls[i]).then(function () {
    return Promise.resolve();

var engine = new BABYLON.NativeEngine();
var scene = new BABYLON.Scene(engine);

CreateSceneMeshes(scene).then(function () {
    scene.createDefaultCamera(true, true, true);
    scene.activeCamera.alpha += Math.PI;

    if (ibl) {
        scene.createDefaultEnvironment({ createGround: false, createSkybox: false });
    else {

}, function (ex) {
    console.log(ex.message, ex.stack);

Cc @BabylonNative

Hey @sai_chaitanya , how are you doing?

You should be able to reference local GLB files by using “app:///” in the path. This will be relative to the localtion of the executable running Babylon Native.

For example, if your AstoCT_01.glb is in your application’s folder you should use:


Hello @sai_chaitanya do you have any more questions about this?