How to make my text fill the entire CreatForMesh?

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How to make my text fill the entire CreatForMesh?

Do you mean like this

From the reading, no. I believe it’s the other way round, is it? @zhang.
Although, I admit I wanted to reply yesterday but discarded it because I do not fully understand why someone would want to do this.

I drafted this reply yesterday:

"You mean dynamically? No matter the number of characters, it will always fill the container (and not the other way round).

There are examples in the forum on how to make the container match the text input and I think, basically, you have to do the same. You will need to use ‘measureText()’ to get the size of the text input and (likely) instead of resizing the container to this, resize the font size or the textBlock container (that’s inside another container) with adaptWidthToChildren."

Something like this example (but turned around to match your container size)

So, is that what it is? You really want to have a fixed width container and have your text content always match the width of this container, no matter how many characters?