How to make NORMAL car physics on babylon.js?

I have long wanted to make something like a car on babylon.js, but the physics there is disgusting, the car just thumps like a mad child, it sausages even when it is driving Dima Ruzaev | VK (this is when it was not driving).
There was an idea to make physics on ammo.js, but damn, it’s difficult, there are no tutorials.
Please help, this is unbearable.


The link on your post doesn’t link to anything. We have an extensive section on Physics here on our documentation: Physics | Babylon.js Documentation ( and we also appreciate contributions to it. We also have a video on basic physics here Animate Meshes with Object Physics - YouTube.

Learning something new is always a difficult path, but with persistence and dedication you will reach your destination.

Hello, the link may not lead, this is VK, and it seems to be available only on the territory of the Russian Federation, try VPN.

I’ve tried adding PhysicsImpostor cars to the wheels, connecting them, etc., but no matter what I do, 4 wheels can’t drive normally, but 1 can.

Is there a ready-made solution for car physics? Doesn’t he exist?
I can’t even describe what’s wrong, I’ll probably just burn out soon. There is not a single understandable implementation of this physics.

Hello Dmitry,

The link you’ve provided at Dima Ruzaev | VK is available only to the registered users, so there is no use of it for anybody. If you would like to share video you may upload it to Youtube or any other open service.

I always feel the same with all these Physics things. But - here are some links which definitely may help:

If you will search you’ll find even more examples and showcases.


Thank you very much :grin: :grin:

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hey @dimaruzaev2 ,

It just so happens that I am too working on making car physics in Babylon.js with Ammo.js

I agree that there are very few resources, You tube does not have one at all ( with ammo.js)

If you get close to any resource or complete your project by any chance , please do let me know! I will surely post some resources or tips here if I find any.

Thanks and regards,

do you have any demo footage or website of this?

And one more link - Search results for 'car demo' - Babylon.js