How to make red death screen?

Sorry for scary title, but yeah… If actor is mortal then sometimes we should visualize it’s death.

I’ve already implemented camera’s falling animation and I’m pretty sure I know how to implement weapon drop.

But want to add some visual effects. Most common thing is to add some blur and red colors. Blur could be added by DefaultRenderingPipeline, but how to add red filter?

I know that there might be a variety of solutions. We can add red blurry frame on screen sides or apply filters to entire image. We could even draw imported PNG decals on screen.

I am looking for easiest solution (but still good looking) preferably without importing any files.
Does anyone have examples, experience, ready solutions or advises?

I am sorry for asking ‘ready to go’ solutions each time.
I am good at coding (I want to believe :smiley:), but when it comes to any art work I am completely helpless. Just can’t materialize an idea from brushes and colors.

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@Pryme8, Wow, pretty cool. The only thing, is it possible to stop process on 50%? To keep scene visible through filter.

and with a exp swing:

and with Blur:

Now I am not sure what is causing the flicker… Its prolly because the kernel needs to be base 2… Umm, I could fix the posteffect to do it all in one process give me a bit.

Final Answer:


Very cool! Thanks a lot! You’re pro!