How to make smooth mesh lookAt?

I have two objects: mesh.position, mesh.rotation and lookPoint: Vector3. I need to make slow and smooth transition between two rotations so I can’t just use mesh.lookAt( point ).
How can I find target rotation for the mesh object?

Hello! I would get the rotation matrix of the two orientations by using the Matrix LookAt: Matrix | Babylon.js Documentation, convert to Quaternions: Quaternion | Babylon.js Documentation and interpolate by using Slerp: Quaternion | Babylon.js Documentation

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Thanks! That’s the good idea! Ended up with the following code using your links. I’ll put my solution here in case of someone will be looking for similar question.

const lookAt = BABYLON.Matrix.LookAtLH(
followerObj.rotationQuaternion = BABYLON.Quaternion.FromRotationMatrix( lookAt );

So now we can just use BABYLON.Quaternion.Slerp( rotationFrom, rotationTo, dt ).