How to make the camera look at a point on the PhotoDome

How to make the camera look at a point on the PhotoDome. I need to focus on hot topics。
For example, how can I make the camera look at this green dot = globeMarker.position

Example (click on the green marker) -
You also may want to add some camera animation to make the target change more smooth. Example here (double click changes ArcRotate camera’s target with animation and easing) -

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No, it will go beyond the perspective = globeMarker.position.normalizeToRef(BABYLON.Vector3.Zero())
        camera.position = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero()

Example -


Can we calculate alpha and beta?

console.log(camera.alpha, camera.beta)
Example -

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I want to calculate alpha and beta first. Set the camera angle based on alpha and beta. Because I want to achieve an animation effect. However, thank you very much

Now I understand better :slight_smile:
I think the way is to clone your camera, and after setting the cloned camera target you’ll have final alpha and beta values to make a smooth transition for your main camera. Then just dispose cloned camera.