How to measure timing

it seems the performance profiler is still wip.
I’ve encountered performance issue and I’m planning to do:

1, compress glb with draco.

what I want to measure is the rendering model to scene timing excluding model file downloading part. I’ll make the model plain (no material, no texture, no light, no camera, just meshes)

2, replace jpg with basis universal texture.

what I want to measure is the texture rendering time.

I don’t know how to measure the timing for comparing before to after.

thanks in advance!

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scene.onBeforeBindObservable and onAfterRenderObservable?

thanks for the tip. looking into it

or you can use RTT’s customRenderFunction to render model customly, and calculate delta time in any render part you want. you can read depthRender.ts/GeometryBufferRenderer.ts to konw how to write customRenderFunction

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