How to remote control camera by mouse

I hope to cloud render, so I need to remote control camera by mouse using client,How to remote control camera by mouse

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I’m not sure to understand… Can’t you send the position of the camera to the clients and set their camera with this position?

You could use the WebRTC data channel or socket io.

Thank you for reply. Yes,your suggestion is correct. I did use WebRTC to realized the transmission of rendering video stream. Now I have send mouse event to server, but, How to control camera movement on the server side?

I want to control the server mouse remotely on the client side

The original server-side camera was controlled by a local mouse,Now,It will be controlled by client, How to do?

The WebRTC data channel is exactly meant for this Tutorial / 2. WebRTC tutorial series - Data channels | Ably Realtime.

Or you could simply rely on socketIO to share pointer positions without the burden of dealing yourself with webrtc.

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