How to reposition Tube After Creation?

If I create a Tube like this:

const tube = BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateTube(“tube”, {path: [start, end], radius: 0.5}, scene);

How can I then change the path array in the options?

This means I want to set new values for start and end after the tube was created.

Normally on another mesh I would do mesh.position. What is the equivalent here since I need to control 2 vectors?

I think I found what I need here Dynamically morph a mesh - Babylon.js Documentation

Probably easier using the instance parameter

Uncomment line 27


Yes it wouldn’t work without this parameter. It would be great if it was more obvious that this is required in the documentation I linked above.

Fortunately I was able to figure this out on my own.

Thanks I scrolled to the Tube section without reading anything else.